6 Reasons to Invest in Wooden Floor of your Home

Often considered as the signature broadcast of the wealthy individuals, wood flooring has now become increasingly affordable in the last couple of years and offer a ton of benefits apart from just a treat to the eye.

It’s earthy, natural yet modern outlook makes it a preferred choice for flooring. People usually hesitate to install a wooden flooring owing to its initial high investment.

However, we firmly believe that there is a lot more to the Wood floor than just the initial high price. Our aim is to aware you about the plethora of benefits of installing a wooden floor in your home.

  1. Evergreen Appeal

Wooden flooring is now in more demand than ever before. Thanks to the shades ranging from mid to light tan and the numerous embossing patterns, the appeal of a wood floor have got enhanced significantly over the decades. Whether you want a modern, classic or formal setting, wooden floor offers a plethora of options.

  1. Hygiene and health problems

Wooden floors are probably the most hygienic and highly repellent to dust, mites and other pathogens. People who have an especially hypersensitive immune system are readily susceptible to coughing and sneezing and other allergic symptoms with carpets and rugs.

A clean floor allows for quality air circulation which promotes health and vitality to people of all age groups.

Even the health associations agree that wood floor homes are conducive to better physical and mental well-being of your family.

  1. Easy Maintenance

Periodic cleaning requirements are the usual nuisances with the carpets. Not only do they require hassle-filled shifting of the surrounding furniture but wiping and drying off the carpets entirely of the washed residue is not a cup of tea for everyone.

Wooden Floor seldom requires such intensive cleaning. All one needs is a slightly wet mop and quality wood cleansing agents and that too once in a while. Daily grooming is often enough for maintaining the hygiene of the wooden floor.

  1. Aroma

The natural aroma of a wooden floor is profoundly invigorating and rejuvenates the mind. No other floor renovation comes even an inch close to such kind of inviting smell.

Even if sweat and other smell are trapped to the wooden floor, they can easily be removed as compared to removing the sweat and unpleasant odors of pets and spilled liquids from the carpets and the rugs.

  1. UnderFloor Heating

Wooden floor allows a highly efficient method for underfloor heating. Engineered Timber in wood flooring is an ideal choice for the underfloor heating system. Timber has high thermal conductivity and is extremely efficient with the fluctuating moisture content.

  1. Resale Value

No wonder that with such an excellent floor renovation, wooden floor houses readily yields handsome revenue than non-wooden floor houses.

On most occasions, a Real estate agent faces a hard time in finding the right buyer for a house without a wooden floor.


With the advancement of the laminated flooring technology, replicating the look of a wooden floor has become easier in the recent years.

However, only a wood floor can give you that authentic look and real aroma and thus make your home inviting.

And besides the initial investment, you probably would never have to spend a dime either on maintenance or repair on the wooden floor.

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