A Guide to Pick the Best Laminate and Tile Flooring for your Home

Tile and laminate flooring have now become a cost-effective alternative to expensive wood flooring. There are numerous reasons for it; from having a low buying and installation price to almost zero maintenance cost, tile and laminate flooring are now highly desirable for their aesthetic appeal also.

In this article, we intend to provide quality guidelines on how to choose the best laminate and tile flooring for your home and offices.

  1. Intensity parameters

Before investing into tile and laminate flooring, it is vital that you check the intensity parameters.

For the tile flooring, the Moh’s scale is a reliable indicator of resistance to abrasion and scratches from light, heavy and extreme traffic.

You can also visit our Tile showroom Bangor to get the feel of Moh’s tile rating.

As far as laminate flooring is concerned, the Abrasion classes (AC) and the Impact classes (IC) are the perfect parameters for judging the resilience of a laminated surface.

The more rating, the better the surface is for heavy traffic usage. We provide laminate Bangor Northern Ireland flooring with a score from AC1 to AC5.

  1. Visual Effect and Porosity

In the laminate flooring, you must have a specific preference for the desired look. The look often varies with the size and tonality of the slats.

Tonality helps to create an exquisite surrounding look with different styles such as classic, rustic or modern.

For the tile flooring, its porosity factor is extremely important. Fitting in a moisture dense area requires the tile to be impervious one which has 0.5 percent or even lesser chances for the water penetration.

Floor Tiles Bangor is an ideal choice for a radiant floor heating and is nontoxic. Tiles and wood store also provides bulk discounted Wall tiles Bangor.

It is highly suggested to not install the non-vitreous and even the semi-vitreous tiles in bathroom and the kitchen areas.

  1. Installation cost

Owing to the high flexibility of customization, the budget of the laminate flooring varies. Quality laminate flooring is moisture resistant, visually appealing, and highly durable and more often than not, immensely cheaper than their solid wood counterparts.

For the tile flooring such as Tiles Northern Ireland, the prices are usually inexpensive, but different variations of them have different installation prices.

In case of Tile flooring, Ceramic, porcelain, stone, marble, marble, and slate are some the few varieties from the staggering options of our Floor and Wall Tiles Bangor. 

  1. Maintenance

Both laminate and tile flooring are extremely easy to maintain with minimum expenses as compared to the wood flooring.

However, a few don’ts are very crucial for both. Using a heavily wet mop can penetrate the water and moisture into the laminate floor and ruin it later on.

Bleach and ammonia-based cleaners can cause discolouration of the grout between the adjacent tiles.

Both the tiles and laminates are incredibly hostile to the allergens.

  1. Resale Value

Laminate floorings often yield a smaller resale value depending on their age in years whereas tile floor owners can easily demand a handsome resale value even if the tiles are used heavily for years.

  1. Warranty Duration

Most of the companies provide warranty for at least a couple of years for the manufacturer’s defect only.

Causing damage during the fitting and maintenance routine by going against the manufacturer’s guidelines will terminate the warranty immediately.

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