Five Tips For Choosing the Right Bathroom Tiles

bathroom tiles

Tiles are the perfect flooring options. Not only they are pleasing to the eyes and longer lasting but also offer a ton of other advantages like being unreceptive to the allergies, dust and mites. However, bathroom tiles are prone to slip borne accidents. With a myriad of options for remodeling, in this post we will list out five tips on how to choose the best tiles for your bathroom

  1. The tile surface: – The tile surface is significant, especially for the bathroom. Tiles with the grainy surface are perfect for preventing the slip accidents.

The tiles for the floor can have some patterns; however, make sure that the floor tiles are not laid with your featured tiles.

Bohemian and Scandi finish are trending these days for the patterned tiles. For bathroom flooring, vinyl tiles are highly recommended as they are inexpensive and most importantly durable.

The grout lines provide additional slip resistance which comes really handy especially on the wet surfaces of the bathroom.

  1. Tiles for the walls: – Sometimes too many focal points can be extremely distractive. You need to have a combination of complementary tiles and one feature tile. The complementary tiles provide visual relief.
  2. Smaller tiles for curves: – Smaller tiles fit well with the curves especially of the sitting area in the bathroom.
  3. Three is more than enough: – More than three types of tiles give a clustered look to the bathroom.

Try to opt for a unique color tile as the focal point. In case you prefer a plain color tile (like the pure white), make sure the colors of the remaining two types counters the neutral effect.

There should only be one show stopper. Too many focal points fight for your visual attention.

  1. Bigger tiles: – The bigger tiles serve a dual purpose. They are needed in less number to cover the area and give an illusion of a bigger bathroom. An additional advantage is the lesser grout to clean periodically.
  2. Contrasting colors: – Contrasting colors tiles provide unique look than a simple, sober one. Using the same tiles also does no good. Contrasting colors deliver an emphatic statement.

However, lighter sober colors have their pros. The lighter shades reflect an airy and spacious feel. Neutral shades provide a neater look.

  1. Pattern tiles: – Pattern tiles have become the preferred bathroom tiling options for the bathroom. They are an excellent choice to be used onto the floor or wall. In addition to that, they are cost effective like any other bathroom tile.

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