Carpet or the Tile Wooden Flooring – The Age-Old Dilemma for every House Owner

Owning a beautiful home is a dream come true for every individual. It is a recuperating place for your mental and physical well-being; a place where no one can argue your thoughts, desires and your personal core beliefs.

Decorating your home is essential to invoke the desired feelings for a quality living. Tile, wood and carpet are the most common choices for furnishing the floor. Each has its own sets of pros and cons. 

Even though Tiles and wood store deals exclusively with the wood floors, tiles and the laminate surfaces, we will try to project an unbiased and in-depth analysis of the pros and cons for Tile, Wood and carpet flooring.

  1. Based on climatic conditions

If Northern Ireland is your native place, then the indoor warmth is essential. Carpets do provide a soft and warm tinglish feeling to the bare feet and trap the heat during the daytime which helps in keeping a stable and pleasing warm temperature throughout the day.

However, a moderately efficient working Gas Cabinet Heater can easily counter the cooled surface of the Wooden Flooring Bangor co down by Tiles and Wood Stores.

Wooden flooring provides more hassle-free and more often than not better visual appeal than the carpets and the rugs.

  1. Based on Aesthetics

If aesthetics are your prime concern, then Tile and Wood Flooring Bangor co down by the Tiles and wood store combined with the carpets are your best bet.

The Aesthetic appeal of even the Floor Tiles Bangor by Tiles and Wood Store is compelling enough to satiate the varied tastes and preferences of an individual.

At tiles and wood store, we offer a range of shades from medium to light tan for Wood flooring Bangor.

  1. Hygiene and maintenance

There is not even an iota of comparison that can be made for the maintenance aspect between the Wooden, tile flooring and carpet flooring. The Floor Tiles Bangor and Northern Ireland give supreme hygiene that no carpet can offer.

Carpets are readily susceptible to allergens like dust, mites, mould spores and other hazardous proteins that easily aggravate the allergy symptoms like coughing and sneezing.

For individuals in Northern Ireland (or anywhere in the world) with a susceptible immune system, Floor Tiles Bangor or Tiles Northern Ireland are the ideal choices.

Carpets often require deep (and often expensive) cleansing once or twice a year, and even that cannot extract the deep-seated harmful bacteria and pathogens from a heavily soiled carpet even if intensive carpet cleaning is done with the traditional methods like the hot water extraction or a combination of chemicals and spray water.

  1. Life expectancy

Tiles and especially the Wood Flooring Bangor Northern Ireland can easily outlive the carpets by decades if not centuries and that too without the intervention of periodic maintenances as demanded by the mats. A one-time investment in Flooring Bangor co down and Tiles Northern Ireland will give you the peace of mind for years to come.

  1. Based on Cost

Wood and Tile flooring fall on the expensive side of the price spectrum. However, the Flooring Bangor co down and the Tiles Bangor usually costs lesser than the carpet flooring in the long run.

Tiles and Wood stores provide quality wooden flooring and Tiles in Northern Ireland, Newtownabbey, Ballymena, Coleraine, Craigavon, Dungannon, Lisburn, Newry, and Omagh.


If you have been searching for Tile Show Room Bangor or Tiles near me in Northern Ireland, Tile and wood stores would gladly welcome you as we provide a plethora of tiles and wooden flooring solutions.

Give us a call on 02891225400, and one of our many customer care agents will fulfill your desired query for Tiles Northern Ireland. We also provide cheap laminate Bangor services.

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