Common Tile Installation Errors and How to Avoid Them

It takes painstaking effort and knowledge to tile the floor correctly. Although tiles are cheaper than the other popular flooring options; their incorrect installation can be massively expensive and frustrating at times.

In this post, we will outline a few tile installation errors which can easily be prevented.

  1. Wrong Dimensions: – Technology allows us to eliminate all human errors. The wrong measurement of iota of an inch for tile installation calls for extensive modifications for adjusting all the tiles later on.

The Laser technology provides the accurate room dimensions. We highly recommend our clients to use it or the tile layout software for noting down the room dimensions.

  1. Dry or Wet floor: – Subfloors which are apt for the carpet or Vinyl installation is usually not suitable for the tiles. Dry Floors should have non-flexing subfloor whereas the wet floors should have a fine laid out mixture of cement mortar and metal lath subfloor.
  1. Tile Lippage: – Uneven height of tiles can not only be conspicuous but extremely risky for tripping especially while walking with the heels. According to the standard practice, tiles with a pattern of more than 33% offset should be avoided.

The direction of light can also make the lippage inconspicuous; however, we acknowledge that it is not a permanent solution.

  1. Loose tiles: – Loose tiles are hard to notice. The best way to find them is by hammering them with another tile from the top. A hollow sound is a precise measure of the loose tiles either due to the wrong substrate or improper application of the adhesive.
  1. Poor subfloor: – At least one and a half inches of subfloor is vital to provide the required strength.
  2. Wrong Grout: – An experienced grout settler is well aware of the grout colouring due to the mixing of too much water. This is why he buys grout in excessive quantity in the first order only.

Sanded Grout is highly preferred than the non-sanded grouts.

Two to three hours is a sufficient period for drying up the grout after which the excess of it can be removed.

  1. The adhesive applied incorrectly: – The adhesive should never be applied evenly to the entire surface instead the corners of the tiles. The rule of thumb is to cover more than 80% tile surface with the adhesive.

Also, note that too strong adhesive can tighten up the substrate rather than sticking with the tile itself.

Contact Tiles and wood floor store to get to know about the right adhesive for the particular tiles.

  1. Wrong tile spacing: – Aligning the tiles is not an easy task. The DIY enthusiasts may have to practice before so that they do not have to acquire hefty services of tile installer for rectifying their tile installation mistakes.

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Tiles are an astounding alternative to expensive flooring options. They are easy to clean, and their maintenance costs do not burn the pocket deeply. Call our customer care executive at 02891225400, and we will reach right at your doorstep with our portfolio. Feel free to visit our bathroom showrooms in Bangor at any time.

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