Common Tile Problems and Their Fixes

Bathroom Tiles

Everything has their polar opposite. Tiles are pleasing to the eyes and do not burn your pocket deeply. They are durable; one of the cost-effective room décor options and their maintenance is undoubtedly hassle-free. Their availability in different colors and pattern make them complement every type of room décor. However, they are prone to specific problems especially if they encounter heavy traffic on a day to day basis. Fortunately, fixing the common tile problems is not expensive. In this post, we look to list out few of them along with their fixes too.

  1. Loose Tiles: – Loose tiles are conspicuous and pose a threat to slip. The most common reason for loose tiles is dobbing (also called as spot binding installation) in which droplets of glue are placed at the corner and middle points of the tile are then pressed on to the surface. Another cause of the loosened up tiles is the usage of the wrong adhesive.

If the glue is exposed to air before laying the tiles, it dries out and does not form strong adhesive bonds with the surface.

Fix: – Instead of dobbing, an even coating of glue should be applied onto the tile surface, and the tile should be placed onto the substrate at the earliest.

  1. Broken tiles: – Complementary pattern are the saviour here as they do not command visual attention if the tiles are replaced. Tiles when subjected to too much load get displaced from their position. Inadequate workmanship hastens this process.

Fix: – It is essential that you lay the correct substrate with proper sealing so that the moisture does not seep through. Moisture causes decay in the adhesive which can be prevented by sealing the grout lines.

  1. Chipped tiles: – This usually happens when some heavy object falls onto the tile floor. Being inconspicuous and razor sharp, it is imperative to replace or fix them at the earliest as they can hurt the pets, children and the old people.

Fix: – There are touch up paints specifically for this job which will make the chipped tile appear shiny bright like a new one.

  1. Damaged Grout: – Grout gets damaged in stealth mode over a period of years.

Fix: – A professional tile grout cleaning services such as the tiles and Wood floor store can quickly remove the stains and the dirt which gets accumulated over the period of years. For preventive measures, penetrating grout sealers are used.

There are specific preventive measures which will help in controlling the grout. Always leave the doors and windows open for fifteen to thirty minutes to prevent the moisture from gathering up.

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