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We have prepared a short & simple guide; to help you when buying tiles in Northern Ireland. If you need any more information or have anu questions, just give us a call or call into to our Bangor showroom.

What do you need to know when starting to look for tiles?
The size of the area you are tiling. You can bring us basic measurements and we can do the rest; a free call out option is also available.

What is the surface you are working with (wood, concrete etc)?

You can tile on nearly any surface but some preparation might be required.

Things to consider when tiling –
If you’re matching to a colour, it is a good idea to bring a sample with you to match to the tiles in shop (counter top, units etc).

What tiles are for the floor and what tiles are for the wall?

Any floor tile can be used for floor or wall.

A tile that has only been defined as a wall tile can only be used as a wall tile.

What is the difference between porcelain and ceramic tiles?

A porcelain tile is more dense and made of more durable material than ceramic.

Can you provide a tiler ?
Yes, we have our own highly recommended tile fitters and the average price per square meter is £18.

Can I install a wall tile directly onto plasterboard?
Yes, with suitable flexible adhesive and primer, available in store.

Can I use a floor tile directly onto concrete ?

Yes, with standard adhesive and primer.

Can I tile directly onto plywood?

Yes, no problem, with suitable flexible adhesive and primer, available in store.

Tile on Plywood Plywood For Tile How to Tile on Plywood

Can I tile directly onto floorboards?

Yes, no problem, with a suitable primer and an S2 polymer-based flexible adhesive, available in store.

Can I tile directly onto brickwork?

Yes, with an acrylic primer and standard adhesive, available in store.

Thanks for taking the time to read our FAQ, and if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to give us a call on

02891225400 or come down to shop.

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