Keep Your Indoor Surroundings Healthy With Ceramic Tiles and Coverings

Ceramic tiles offer a plethora of advantages over other tiles. They are appealing and at the same time provide benefits to your health. They can be installed in the room and can be used perfectly as the bathroom tiles. In this post, we will brief you about the top reasons for choosing the ceramic tiles. So let us get started.

  1. Anti-static: – Unlike other floor and wall coverings, you will not feel the sudden and uncomfortable electric charge when you touch, e.g. tap or floor. Floors of specific workplaces are incredibly susceptible to the sudden electrical discharge like the area where flammable chemicals are often used, pyrotechnic manufacturing place and food and beverage production etc.
  2. Cigarette ash: – Cigarette ashes can cause a lasting stain onto the floors whereas Ceramic tiles are highly resistant and are easy to clean and maintain too. If cleaning the stains is your concern, then consider Ceramic tiles as your best bet.
  3. Highly Adaptable and Hygienic: – At places where extreme hygiene has to be maintained at all times like hospitals, restaurants, ceramic tiles are the perfect choice as they are incredibly resistant towards dirt. Dirt provides favourable growth environment for the germs and allergic pathogens. Since there is no chance of dirt sticking onto the ceramic surface, the indoor air quality remains optimum for health.
  4. No colour fading: – Colors certainly adds charm to your life. While most flooring options would not have colour permanence, ceramic tiles are definitely not amongst them. They are mighty resilient even when exposed to the direct sunlight. The reason is that the colour is injected right into the clay body of the ceramic tiles. Beautiful tiles of varied pattern and colours indeed release endorphins and make you feel rejuvenated.

Things to keep in mind before buying the ceramic tiles

Since being a reputed tile seller in Bangor, Northern Ireland, we feel compelled to mention the certain disadvantages of the Ceramic Tiles (in minor capacity only) along with their quick fixes.

  1. Heat-retaining ability: – Ceramic tiles do not trap sufficient heat so stepping onto the ceramic cold floor on winter mornings can be pretty uncomfortable. The cheap fix is to place some rugs at the footsteps or to have them evenly spaced out especially in the bedrooms.
  2. A bit too formal: – Ceramic tiles are often too formal and rarely invoke a casual and fun feeling. Although this perception is subjective which varies from an individual but for a traditional formal environment, they are the ideal choice.

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