Egger Classic 7mm Bordolino Oak Grey Laminate Flooring – EPL036

Egger Classic 7mm Bordolino Oak Grey Laminate Flooring – EPL036


Egger Classic 7mm Bordolino Oak Grey Laminate Flooring is 1292mm long, 192mm wide and 7mm thick. The fact we offer a 20 year guarantee with this product truly shows just how much faith we have in its quality and durability.

The beveled edges on this flooring add depth and definition, meaning they make a room look larger.

Grey is classy, elegant and modern, whilst being something different from the typical oak shade. It also helps fit rooms with a theme or specific colour scheme whilst retaining the beautiful grain and knots of oak.

This floor has a textured and rustic look, meaning planks will have more knots and imperfections that give the product much more character and a natural feel. It also works well in busy homes were damage is likely, as any scratches will just enhance the textured look further.

Laminate flooring is an incredible choice for a floor that offers both an amazing look coupled with an incredible functional ability. The protective wear layer protects the laminate from scratches and stains but should the odd stain occur, the waterproof nature of laminate floor makes it considerably easier to clean compared to other flooring types. Again, because of its plastic base, laminate flooring is softer on foot making it a warmer and more comfortable material for your home. Laminate flooring is also extremely easy to install using the click system, meaning any DIY fan should be able to take on the job. For more information about installation you can find our helpful guide in the installation tab above.

This floor is suitable for use with underfloor heating as the way in which laminate is made gives it the ability to retain heat for longer. This, coupled with the textured finish, makes it incredibly nice to walk on and replicates the look and feel of hardwood. The beveled edge also adds that extra bit of definition to the planks. All of these benefits make laminate not only a practical choice, but a stylish one too.


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