Egger Kingsize 8mm White Clifton Oak Laminate Flooring – EPL057

Egger Kingsize 8mm White Clifton Oak Laminate Flooring – EPL057


Egger Kingsize 8mm White Clifton Oak Laminate Flooring is 8mm thick, 1291mm long and 327mm wide. This range oozes style and sophistication meaning your floors will look timeless and beautiful for many years.

This product has bevelled edges, meaning the product replicates the the look of a stone floor seamlessly. A bevelled edge refers to the slight curve of the edges on the plank that help to create that authentic look.

The Clifton range has an interesting pattern, in that there is a mix of vertical and horizontal blocks – this is called a basketweave plank style. This gives the floor a parquet look, which is associated with the luxurious and the vintage due to its 17th century history. It also creates something unique and artistic that will capture the attention of guests.

This stunning white oak product also has a textured finish making it look more natural and rustic, meaning in comparison to other floors, this product can offer both style and ease of maintenance. The white shade makes it even more unique, and can bright light to any room, creating the illusion of a larger room.

With its water resistant properties, this product can withstand exposure to moisture and liquids without perishing as a solid wood floor will. Laminate floors can endure those everyday wear and tear spillages without becoming damaged, the water resistance therefore also makes cleaning incredibly easy – the ideal floor for the modern home. However, we would always recommend cleaning or drying any liquids in a timely manner to avoid any potential long term damage to the product. This product is also suitable for use with underfloor heating as it can easily expand and contract with fluctuations in temperatures. This product also feels softer underfoot, as the way in which laminate floor is made makes it more comfortable than other floors. Additionally, laminate floors are very hardwearing and prove their durability in high traffic areas with heavy footfall.

The Egger range is incredibly easy to care for thanks to it’s resilient, abrasion-resistant surface and “Swell Barrier Plus” coreboard which is made using natural wood fibres. Because of this Egger floors are noticeably easier to clean than other brands and their products are also resistant to UV radiation, meaning your floor won’t fade in sunlight over the years. Egger’s European look adds great amounts of style to your rooms, from a vintage look with broader grains to authentic and new natural aesthetics, this range has something for everyone. Plus, this floor comes with the Eggers 20 year guarantee meaning you’re covered should any manufacturing faults occur.


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