Six Tips to Extend The Life of Your Tiles

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Tiles are undoubtedly one of the beautiful options for flooring apart from the wall décor. Compared to the other décor options, they are cheap, versatile and highly durable. However, it is also true that any homeowner never desires constant revamping of their wall and flooring tiles.

This is why it is essential to prolong the life of your tiles with periodic maintenance. In this post, we will elaborate few tips on how you can do that.

  1. Using mats and rugs at the entrance: – Although there are tiles that are intended to bear the heavy foot traffic at ease like the ceramic tiles; mats and rugs can effectively do more than just bearing the heavy foot traffic. They keep the dirt away from the tiles and enhance the flooring of your room in a fun and casual way.
  2. Ensuring a proper cleaning ritual: – This one is easy to do. Tiles not only are highly unreceptive to dust, mites and allergens but they are also very easy to clean.

Cleaning once a week is more than enough to wipe out all the dirt and maintain the lustre of the tile.

A mixture of Luke warm water and mild detergent works on most occasions; however, make sure that your tile surface is compatible with it.

  1. Spill up: – It is essential to wipe out the spill up at the earliest as this inhibits the ingraining of stains into the deeper layers of the tile. To remove the spill up, mop the spilled area with water.
  2. Deep Cleaning: – Vinegar has been used since ages to do the deep cleaning for floors. It is mighty useful with the tiles. A mixture of a gallon of warm water and vinegar will quickly remove most of the stains.
  3. Grout Cleaning: – Although tiles are repellent to the dust; grouts aren’t, as they are porous and therefore absorbs the dirt and sometimes allergic pathogens too. Blow out vacuuming is the best way to remove the upper dirt layer from the grout followed by a cleaning solution.

Allow the cleaning solution for five to ten minutes on the grout. A soft brush then can be used to wipe out the deeper layer of dirt which will also give a neat and tidier look to the tile. Do not use the metal brush as it can create scratches on the tile surface.

  1. Mold And mildew: – The kitchens and bathrooms are extremely prone to the mold and mildew and if left untreated, they damage the nearby tiles too. We highly recommend hiring a professional cleaner for eliminating the mold and the fungus.

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