Varied Laminate, Wood and Tile Flooring Options for your Home

Flooring Options

Different areas of your house reflect a different sentiment which is why furnishing the floors of your home can be extremely challenging and time-consuming.

The floor is without a doubt the most vital visual aspect of any residential. The aim of this article is to aware you of the different renovating options for your floor like the laminated surfaces, wood, and tiles.

  1. Ceramic and porcelain tile

Ceramic and Porcelain tiles are hard glazed squares made from Ceramic or Porcelain.

The most crucial benefit is the ease in sterilising them and the difficulty in detecting the cracks and the imperfections. 

Tiles and wood store is a quality provider of Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles Bangor.

Ceramic tiles are incredibly impervious to water and stain penetration. The grout line between the adjacent ceramic tiles can be sealed effectively thereby leaving no space for the water and moisture to seep through and allowing the growth of a mould.

They are also extremely easy to clean with just a mop or with a soft brush and highly resilient to the heavy-duty cleaners.

In the event of fire outbreak, porcelain tiles are the saviour as they do not catch fire quickly and hence restricts the flames movement.

However, both the tiles are on the heavier side, and they often put tremendous stress on the floor joists.

  1. Floating Wood Tile

The Floating Wood tile resembles the appearance of wood.

It is a laminate surface which usually has a tongue and Groove system and hence allows for remarkably more straightforward installation without the mortar and an adhesive than the other flooring options.

Similarly, floating wood floor also allows for faster installation and is an easy DIY. The individual wood boards attach to each other rather than to a subfloor.

  1. Hardwood Flooring

They are extremely reliable and are the most preferred choice across the world. Tiles and wood store is a premier provider of quality Wood Flooring Bangor.

The significant benefit of them is their extreme resistance and wear and tear. However, of all the furnishing options, they are probably the most expensive.

Do not be concerned about the availability of textures and patterns for hardwood flooring with Tiles and wood floor store. We offer woods from quality brands such as Quick Steps, Parador Engineered, Volunta parket and Design Parquet.

However, their earthy and yet comfortable feel is a significant attraction for many homeowners. But the wood is indeed susceptible to expansion and contraction depending on the outside temperature and the season.

  1. Vinyl Flooring

It is a floor made from the synthetic polymer with the added pigmentation. Vinyl Flooring is widely used in Northern Ireland and hence we provide vinyl flooring Bangor county down at affordable prices.

A lot of flooring applications are available for Vinyl like Playroom and bedroom Vinyl Floors. Although they are very inexpensive, sharp objects can easily gouge them. Repairing the gouge and scratches is not easy either. 


Whether you are looking to furnish your new home or renovate an existing one, a plethora of flooring options are available to you with different budgets.

Tiles and wood store also provides consultations of appropriate flooring options like laminate Bangor, tiles balloo Bangor, Tile showroom Bangor.

Owing to our tie-ups with the reputed providers across Northern Ireland and the world, our prices for tiles Newtownards, bathroom tiles are incredibly affordable due to zero involvement of the middlemen.

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